2010   Conny Forsberg  FGA



A site dedicated to the art of catching images

of small objects inside minerals and gemstones




The images I produce are for different purposes.


Most are shot to be used as reference images of inclusions in gemstones. These can be used by gemologists and other people in the trade as help in identifying natural as well as synthetic and imitation gemstones. The microscope is one of the most important instruments to make correct identification of gemstones and to detect treatments of various kinds. Therefore images such as these are valuable assets to professionals as well as students of the trade.


Some images are shot to document certain characteristics in gems and minerals from my own collection.


To find and shoot images of inclusions with a value based on beauty and artistry has also for a long time been close to my heart.




Image galleries, opening new tab


Gemological inclusion images

Reference images in low resolution classified after mineral species.


Images of gemstones in my collection

Images of both inclusions in and of the stones themselves.